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You can help break the cycle of poverty today!

Espwadye, 50, lives in Haiti with his daughter and his two little boys. The shack they call home is a tiny, one-room hut made of wood slats and rusty tin sheets. It sits precariously on a pile of loose rocks with wood beams keeping it from collapsing again.

“It fell,” Espwadye explained. “I had to use wood to hold it up.”

“The four of us sleep in this small space,” he said, sitting on the edge of the shack’s lone bed. “When it rains, we are completely soaked because of all the holes in the roof.”

His daily struggle to survive is a challenge made even more difficult because Espwadye was born with one leg.

“Because of my handicap I am unable to provide for them,” he said of his family. “I have no means to move forward. I can’t even work to make money.”

Espwadye is one of 9,000 residents living in the impoverished community of Meyer in Grande Colline, Haiti. The unsafe, poorly built and overcrowded structures in the community pose a serious danger to the people living in them. Also, the lack of proper sanitation puts children and their families at even greater risk of illness and disease.

You can change that. Your loving and compassionate gift for a home is the first step toward breaking the cycle of poverty that has trapped families like Espwadye’s for generations.  

“If God gave me the chance to have a house, I would be eternally grateful,” Espwadye said. “I’m praying to God for another house. I can’t do it on my own. Only God can do that for me.”

Your church can be part of the lifesaving and transformative mission of change for impoverished families like Espwadye’s.

The Meyer Community Development project is a fundraising effort that will bless 30 vulnerable families with the gift of safe, sturdy housing. Each home will have furnishings, sanitation, access to clean water and solar-powered light kits. This is crucial for the future academic success of children and allows them to study even after the sun goes down.

Your congregation's gift will help build homes for families in desperate need of safe, secure shelter. This fresh start will give them a chance to break the cycle of poverty and will share the hope and joy of the Gospel.

“I pray every day for God to send us some help from people like you at Food For The Poor,” Espwadye said. “I am already rejoiced and thankful at the possibility that you might help us.”

Take this opportunity to learn more about how lasting positive change is possible in the developing world, and how your church family can join the mission to break the cycle of poverty for families like Espwadye’s.

Prefer to send a check?

Donating online is fast, easy, and totally secure. If you would prefer to send a check mail it to:

Food For The Poor Inc.

6401 Lyons Road

Coconut Creek, FL 33073

Write on the check's memo line SC 147872 to ensure proper tracking.


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